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Hello, this is Deborah Krueger, author and gratitude facilitator. Discovering the "power of gratitude" changed my life profoundly. This discovery enabled me to overcome seemingly insurmountable personal adversity — what I call 'sticky issues' that trap you in negative emotions and hold you back. I was so impressed with what I learned that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. In my first book, "LET'S PLAY GRATITUDE! With Life's Sticky Issues," I create an engaging game-like learning experience based on what I call the HALO Process.

The HALO Process is a simple easy-to-learn technique you can use to take control of your situation, find your 'hidden blessings' and build yourself a brighter future.

If you are facing daunting challenges in your life, take control! Order my book today and start changing your life from darkness to light! In addition, once you have mastered the Initial Gratitude Games you can get additional games free from "The Gratitude Games Toolbox."

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"LET'S PLAY GRATITUDE! With Life's Sticky Issues," — Tools and techniques for creating positive outcomes. Get it now from!

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Features of the Book:
100+ pages including:

  • What are Gratitude Games
  • Learning to play Gratitude Games
  • What is the HALO Process
  • Finding your path
  • Bonus content: The Gratitude Challenge
  • Additional Bonus PDF: The Gratitude Games Toobox

Get the Gratitude Games Toolbox

For those of you who have mastered the Initial Gratitude Games and are ready for more, download 15 additional games in this FREE edition of the Gratitude Games Toolbox.

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Lessons in Gratitude for Kids:
At that time I wrote this book I also realized that, in particular, kids today are facing many of the same challenging issues as adults, often without recognition or options for self-direction.

My second book, "The Red Pencil, a Dragon’s Tooth, & the Lost Treasure! A Gratitude Club Adventure," was written to fulfill that need. I wrote this book with the hope that it will help kids deal with the challenges of growing up fast in the real world. They also discover the "power of gratitude" and share what they’ve learned with their parents.

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